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San Clemente Beach| Keller Family| Bianca Navejar Photography

April 16, 2018

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Let's talk about homecomings!

October 25, 2017

Homecomings are hands down my favorite type of session. But they often come with a lot of unanswered questions. I constantly have clients ask me these same questions about booking there sessions so I decided I would write a blog post about the process to help ease your mind and answer any questions :) 


When should I book my photographer?
I typically book homecomings before the unit/MEU leaves. There are limited photographers and a lot of guys leaving so the sooner the better! 


How do I book if I don't have a date?

I book by unit and/or MEU not so much by a date. Typically we have a month or two to work with and as the date approaches the time frame will get smaller and smaller. Just keep me updated with prospective homecoming time frames and I'll do the rest ;) 


What if the date changes?

WHEN* the date changes a hundred times I will be prepared for it. I have never had a homecoming where the original date stuck LOL it happens and experienced homecoming photographers are on call. 


Why are homecomings priced higher?

This is my most asked question. Homecomings are unpredictable and we are on call for you the day of. We have to block off multiple days for you and are unable to book other clients. Another reason is that we can be there for HOURS (trust me it has happened)! I keep my homecoming prices as low as I can but these are factors to consider. 


How will the actual homecoming day play out?

I will arrive at the location of the homecoming at the time you plan to be there. I will wait with you until your significant other arrives. Typically we can squeeze in some cute poses after you are reunited but don't be surprised if your significant other is not up for it. They haven't been home for months and have been traveling of days at that point so some just want to go straight home. If this is the case I will sneak away and let you guys enjoy being reunited :) 


How long until I receive my photos?
I like to get them to you ASAP. Typically within 24 hours 








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