Engagement sessions are so important and valuable when looking for a photographer for your wedding. They have so many benefits for both the couple and photographer. One of the biggest benefits of doing an engagement session with your wedding photographer is that the connection is allowed to form and grow. Everyone is able to get comfortable together and learn more about each other before the big day. 

This allows for the couple to learn more about the photographer as well. What their style is and how they pose their clients. It helps everyone get on the same level and feel comfortable together. This also allows the photographer to get a look at how the couple interacts and their level of comfort in front of a camera. Some people are more comfortable, and others are less but allowing the photographer to know that level will help a lot when the wedding comes. 

Getting to meet the photographer in person before the wedding is so crucial. There are so many details and questions to iron out and it is very important that a meeting does happen. This is also the trial run of photos and making sure the couple is satisfied with the photographer and their style. Hair and makeup trial runs can also be done during the engagement photos if bridal pictures are not being done. I highly recommend doing this!

Engagement photos are awesome to capture and are so useful! They can be used in the save the date invites or the actual wedding invites. It is really popular for them to be displayed at the bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, and the wedding. Some couples use them as table décor or on the back of thank you cards. Don’t forget how awesome they look displayed in your home as well! 

Every session carries importance but one of the best parts of photography is the fact that these important life memories and events get to be documented. I love to capture the couple so in love and ready to take on whatever life throws at them. One of the other cool things about engagement sessions is the ability to have different backgrounds compared to bridal photos and wedding photos. The engagement photos on this blog post were taken at a beautiful nature spot that had an amazing tree line as the backdrop. There are so many places engagement photos can be taken and I highly encourage everyone to take them!