Let's Talk about maternity outfits

I have come to realize over the last 5 years that I really enjoy maternity shoots! Especially those that involve your spouse. I think I enjoy this because so much is happening with the parents getting ready for the birth and both deserve to have this time documented. When I do these types of shoots, I also realize the energy and excitement that a couple brings compared to just a shoot with the mother.

If you are pregnant and looking to have maternity pictures done, I suggest booking with a photographer when the mother is 28-34 weeks pregnant. This allows for the best pictures but is not too soon to the birth. The mother is able to move around a little easier than if she was 38-40 weeks. This also gives couples a large enough time frame to coordinate schedules if they choose a couple shoot. 

When it comes to maternity shoots, the outfits REALLY set the tone for what is going to happen. It almost directs the way the shoot is going to run. When you are in a formal, flowy dress that sets one type of mood compared to an open button up and jeans. This allows for the casual easy-going environment to be present for both the parents and photographer. In this blog post, you can see the differences between styled and formal shoots compared to casual and easy-going shoots. Either are great but the new trend of the causal shoots is a blast to be apart of and COMPLETELY compliments my style.

With these casual outfits, the ability to have non posed pictures opens up. This is what allows for the environment to change. As included in these pictures the couple is able to have so much fun and be themselves. They can joke, tickle, laugh, run, jump, and have fun while I am taking pictures. The outfit does not have to flow a certain way or be angled for the shot. I love the candid pictures I am able to capture because it gives a different perspective on maternity and parenthood. 


These photos melt my heart! I love seeing couples leaning more towards traditional because they are timeless. You can see how the session changes and is more posed and traditional in this sense.


Maternity shoots are very important because they document this time before a big life change. It gives the family the opportunity to look back and see what life was like before the birth of the child. I would encourage expecting parents to think about doing a casual shoot because the pictures and poses are endless in these settings. Reach out to me if there are any questions! I hope you enjoy these couples' maternity albums as much as I do.