Vargas Homecoming

Homecomings are one of the best parts of military life. They are full of emotion, love, and pure joy. Being a photographer, I truly get to witness and then capture these moments so my clients can look back on them forever. Being apart of the military community brings a sense of pride that all families have which becomes magnified during homecomings. Sometimes at the homecoming it is the first time the service member is meeting their child which is such a remarkable event to capture. Having families reunite is the best feeling and knowing that I was able to capture the first hug and kiss since being apart is something magical.

 The process is tough when scheduling homecomings because one of the infamous things about homecomings are their tendency to change dates so much. One of my rules about booking a homecoming session is that until a strict date and time is set, I wont schedule a client. Some clients want to book something when their service member leaves which is understandable but as a photographer, there is no way anyone can guarantee they are available on an imaginary date. Homecomings are normally early in the morning or late at night which is great for me because I can almost always fit you in! So do not worry about scheduling a month out from their coming home date because that will be the most accurate and best for me. Most homecoming dates change anywhere from 4-8 times which means that I can not hold 4-8 days blocked off in my schedule. That is why I encourage people to book once they have more set-in time frames. 

Of course, feel free to reach out and we can talk about details and have an idea of when the homecoming would be. I love clients who keep me in the loop and reach out with changes and updates. It helps me adjust my schedule so I can be there to capture some of the most important events. I love helping decide outfits or bounce off cool ideas. I have been through many homecomings along with my own husbands and know what to expect along with what advice I can give. 

Since there can be a longer wait time for homecomings, I do charge more than some photographers because I can be there for upwards of 4 hours sometimes. But that means that I will be there for all of the moments. I will stay as long as you prefer and make sure that every angle and photo is captured. On one occasion we were able to go on the flight line and take pictures with the helicopter! I want every client to be satisfied and happy with every photo. Never be afraid to ask or suggest an idea. I love to try new things!

This leads me to my next point is that you are paying for so much more than 50+ photos. I am there before the shoot advising on outfits, location, and signs and trying to remain as flexible as possible. You are paying for the experience of me being there waiting to take the pictures while calming nerves, getting to capture the actual homecoming, grabbing all the group and individual photos, making sure cute candid photos were taken and then leaving. Also keep in mind, I then go home and edit all of the photos and deliver them within the first 24 hours of your loved one being home.

You are investing in photos. These pictures will allow for memories to be kept close and not easily forgotten. This is something that will be hung in your house, shared on your social media, and given to family members. Choosing a photographer should not be taken lightly. I take immense pride in the work I put out and will give every client 150%. Homecomings are special and unique experience that I love to be able to capture. If you have one coming up soon, please reach out so I can make sure you have the best time and receive amazing photos of that experience.